Experience erotic massage from one (or more) of our beautiful masseuses! Whether you crave new and exciting experience or you just wish to sensualy relax, you will find it in INTIMAS.


With body-to-body oil massage the masseuse uses her entire body. She starts with her hands and gradualy adds her other body parts. You will experience sensual and arousing touches of hetr ass and breasts sensually all over your body in a breathtaking professional performance.

Are you ready to be immersed in hot passion?
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(Touching during massage is only one-way - the masseusse is touching you, not the other way. Everything is under masseusses controll.) More info

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Jedna masérka: 2800 Kč / 60 min | 3600 Kč / 90 min

Spice-up your love life with unforgettable experience of erotic couples massage.

Lying right next to each other while getting massaged by our masseusses, you can feel the reactions of your loved one. You will feel relaxed, energized and intimate like never before and your spark of passion will once again burn bright!

You can also chose only one masseuse for this procedure and let your partner join her in massaging you (or the other way - you can join the masseuse and give massage to your partner). More info

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During this massage, the masseuse focuses her maximal attention to your penis and surrounding intimate areas and erotogenic zones.

Thanks to her skilled hands, the blood flows to all the massaged areas and renews their sensitivity. This massage, thanks to orgasm-delay, will bring you to unforgettable culmination.

You can chose a variant most comfortable for you - reach orgasm once or multiple times during this massage. Will you have the best at the end, or do you want to feel erotic tension multiple times? More info

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Zvýhodněná cena!

Enjoy unique and unforgettable experience - massage by two masseusses at once. There is nothing more beautifull that double dose of excitement and relaxation! More info

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During mutual massage, the masseuse is giving her attention to you in the first half. In the second half she is all in your hands. For this amazing experience we recommend our extra service - washing ritual for 500 Kč. More info

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Extra services

Footjob is a way of stimulating your intimate parts by masseuses feet all the way to your orgasm. You can order this service alongside any of our massages. More info

Try completely new and exctiting experience with prostate massage. Besides being incredibly pleasant, prostate massage also brings health benefits. Do not resist and let yourself be immersed in the blisfull feeling brought to you by our masseuses. More info

Do you want to enrich your massage by looking at a beatiful dancing girl? Try out our lapdance service. Masseuse will break the ice wit exciting private dance on your lap. Your massage will follow after the lapdance. More info

Diverse acts and cudling of two hot chicks.

Their soft and sensual touches just as well as their arousing moans in your presence will bring you ultimate levels of excitement.

Our girls will massage each other and you can join them not just as a viewer, but as a part of this beatiful act. Their hot bodies can guarantee your ultimate levels of arousal and their touches will get you exactly to where you want to go. More info